Chatting with Jo

Nick Spillum asked Jo a few quick questions about the bath time set on

You chose to shoot that solo in Viv’s bathroom where so many incredible sets have been done. How did you dress the set so uniquely?

I just simply try to use the decorations that are in his flat. Sometimes it’s not enough, so I try to find some ideas from the internet from different sites and try to find the place where I can get those decorations.

What was your inspiration for this solo?

I really like plants, and I wanted to change that nice bathroom a little bit. 

Tamas photo’s are becoming really good - how much direction do you give him?

He does not need much direction now. He knows what I would like to see. Sometimes I see some nice angles from my side and then I tell him, but mostly the pictures ‘come from him’.

When you’re capturing the video do you cut a lot or do it all in one take?

We need to cut, as we do the videos with photo camera, with that I think it is more difficult to do in one cut because of the focus.

Is it difficult to create unique solos?

I would say to create unique Girl-Girl scenes is a bit more difficult.

Where did you find all those plants?

In Viv’s flat :)

Your hair looks fantastic, what colour is it now? It seems to be changing a lot these days :)

Today light brown but tomorrow it will be a bit darker brown:)

Thanks Jo, we look forward to chatting about more of your scenes.

Spillum: How did you get inspiration for this scene? Jo: As you might have noticed, I really like mirrors. Many of my sets include a mirror somehow :) I think this idea I have in my mind for a long time. First I was thinking about a place with big mirrors around me, but that would have been difficult to achieve. So finally this came into my mind.

Spillum: What were you trying to achieve with this scene? Jo: Reflection of broken mirrors :)

Spillum: Did you have a long and tedious shopping excursion? No, by the time the idea has born, I knew where I can buy cheap mirrors and black sheets.

How did you prepare the set? 1 day before the shooting with Tamas, we went to the location to prepare the mirrors, so the next day, on the shooting day, we did not have to loose time with that.

Why did you choose to film in that exact situation? Because of the dark, black background, it was ideal for the scene.

What problems did you have? It was very difficult to break those mirrors. We had a lot of pieces which we could not use. And during the shooting, I had to be careful with the broken mirrors.

Fishnets were an interesting choice. Why? I think simple, casual or romantic cloths would have not matched with this set.

Thanks Jo! It was great chatting with you and it was good to learn a little bit about how you produced this scene :)

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